Gruppo Cordenons, run by Mr. Ferruccio Gilberti, is an Italian paper mill producing fine and technical papers, offering over 2,500 special products. Gruppo Cordenons maintains an excellent technological quality content and keeps on investing into research and development to innovate, to produce original paper and to always keep up with trends.

Through an increasingly flexible production, Cordenons Group has developed a wide portfolio of products which includes classic marked, laid and embossed paper, metallic and iridescent modern paper and finally innovative paper with special effects that reflect the tactile and visual sensation of plastic and textiles.

Besides the product range, it is also possible to ask for personalised paper in terms of colour, weight, embossing, marking and any other desired manufacture. Gruppo Cordenons is FSC certified and can supply a wide range of FSC certified products.

Gruppo Cordenons mills pay careful attention to keep a balance of the ecosystem be it the use of natural resources like water and energy consumption or environment care and safety.


Hansol Paper Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in Korea. Hansol Paper has established specific goals and action plans for water, energy conservation, eco-friendly product development and environment protection.

Hansol ensures distinctive printing results through its flagship brand Montblanc & Ensemble. In order to accommodate and expand the customers, Hansol manufactures cost-effective printing paper through advanced technology to achieve new milestones in printing.

Hansol holding the perception of becoming a world-class environment company and manufacturing superior quality eco-friendly printing paper, Hansol has set up management policy that pursues pleasant environment preservation and contribution to local community.


With its roots in northern Europe, Arctic paper group has a dedicated passion for making superior graphic fine paper. Being ideal for creative design, the paper quality offers a wide range of applications, including book production, advertising, office materials and other qualitative printed matter.

The craftsmanship is the result of the skills and knowledge that have been built up and passed on by generations of paper makers.

In a dynamically evolving world, Arctic paper group is accustomed to adapting to change. In addition to producing fine paper, Arctic constantly strives to provide knowledge in all aspects of the production process, recommending solutions and fulfilling total delivery.

Munken Design Range and Volume are most admired paper brands worldwide from Arctic. These are high-quality fine papers. They are environmentally friendly and the ideal choice for companies wishing to convey a genuine natural impression in their printed material.

Arctic staunchly believes in sustainability and environment protection and most of the standard paper qualities are available as FSC and PEFC certified.


With a total focus on environment protection, Lenzing believes in ecological sustainability along with corporate success. Lenzing is a leading contributor of superior quality recycled paper. For Lenzing, use of recycled paper products is an established evidence to efficiently use resources like water, raw materials and energy.

Lenzing possesses FSC certification along with many others for reforestation and ecological conservation in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Lenzing Papier is very much involved in sustainable paper making and strives to supply customers with modern paper products. Lenzing considers the importance of ecological design of products, energy generation and consumption and the ecological treatment of waste and effluent.

Lenzing strives for perfection not only within the extent of the products but also within the sustainable strategy for conservation.