The establishment of Kapadia Enterprise dates back 5 years and since then there was no looking in elevating the standards in the paper industry and preserving the environment.

After the designer, the printer or the paper merchant has a major role play in recommending the type of paper to be used. Kapadia Enterprise is a sovereign when it comes to papers as these papers are imported all the way from world-class paper manufacturers/mills that produce the finest quality paper - Cordenons (Italy), Arctic (Sweden), Hansol (South Korea) and Lenzing (Austria).

The peculiarity and distinctiveness of this paper makes it a printer’s paradise because of the provision of a wide range, premium quality together with bulk and stiffness. Paper’s greater sustainability means minimal setback to the environment.

In collaboration with Sona Commercial (one of the international stalwarts of paper), Kapadia Enterprise possesses an increasingly flexible dealership and has developed a wide product range including paper for printing, industrial usage and other and specialty usage. Most of the papers are friendly for offset printing which is an economical & commonly used means of printing.

Kapadia enterprise focuses entirely on client service and supplies exceptional standards of fine paper. Kapadia Enterprise has another outlet in Surat & Sona Commercial has international presence with outlets around the world along with headquarters in India (Delhi).